Fortune Shoes Ltd IPO Lottery Result dsebd.ord

Fortune Shoes Ltd IPO Lottery Result dsebd.ord There are a numerous number of companies are involved in Shoes manufacturing in Bangladesh. Fortune Shoes Limited IPO Lottery Result found here. Public offer for application of Fortune Shoes Limited is from 16 August 2016 to 28 August 2016. Download Fortune Shoes Limited IPO Lottery Result that will be published here. IPO or an Initial Public Offer (IPO) is the first sale of a stock by a private company to the public company. In this way, a company can increase money by issuing either debt or equity. IPO or Share market inauguration is a type of public offer in which shares of a company generally are sold to the predictable investors that in turn, sell to the general public by a securities exchange for the first time. The major competitors are as: The Bangladesh Securities Exchange Commission (BSEC) approved IPO “Fortune Shoes Ltd.” on Wednesday 29 June 2016 on their 579 nos Board Meeting presided by BSEC Chairman Prof. Dr. M Khairul Hossain to issue 2.20 crore ordinary shares worth Tk 10 each. Company Information, IPO Application Form, Prospectus & Result is given below.

Fortune Shoes Ltd IPO Lottery Result

Fortune Shoes Ltd IPO Lottery Result

Fortune Shoes Ltd IPO Lottery Result dsebd.ord

COMPANY NAME: Fortune Shoes Ltd. ( also called FSL) was incorporated in Bangladesh as a Private Limited Company with the issuance of Certificate of incorporation bearing no. CH-7590/10 of 2010 dated on March 14, 2010 by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms, Chittagong, Bangladesh. The Company Converted into public Limited Company on 2015.The Company started its commercial operation on September 07, 2011.

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Fortune Shoes Limited as per Prospectus

Fortune Shoes Limited Competitors in the Market

(Subscription Open: August 16, 2016, Close: August 28, 2016)

Share Value: Taka 10/Per Share
Lot Distribution: 500
Total Value Taka = 5,000
Institute (40%) = 17,600 Lot

Mutual Fund (MF) (10%) = 4,400 Lot
General Public (32%) = 14,080 Lot
Affected Investors (8%) = 3,520 Lot
Non-Residential Bangladesh (NRB) (10%) = 4,400 Lot
Total Lot 100% = 44,000 Lot
Total Share = 2 Core 20 Lac

Earnings per Share (EPS): 1.22
Net Asset Value (NAV): 13.75
according to the financial statement of 9th Month ending on 29 February 2016.

Issue Manager: Imperial Capital Limited and Prime Bank Investment Limited


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